Frequently asked questions

- How to choose the right size?

Choose the size according to your blood flow:

  • - Light and medium blood flow : small size
  • - Medium and heavy blood flow : large size.

- What is the useful capacity of Misscup?
The small size useful capacity is 20 ml and the large size useful capacity is 29 ml.

- How long does Misscup last?
If properly cared for, it can have a lifespan of 5 years.

- I feel discomfort when using my Misscup, what should I do?
If you feel discomfort, you must have positioned your cup too high or too low in the vagina. Remove your Misscup and insert it back using a different folding technique.

- Can Misscup be used by virgin women?
Misscup can be used by virgin women and by women fitted with an intrauterine device (IUD) or a diaphragm.

- Can Misscup be used at night? While practising sports?
Misscup can be used during the night and also during physical activities. You can enjoy 12h of protection after which you will need to empty and rinse your Misscup.