Here is the proper way to use your menstrual cup

Here is the proper way to use your menstrual cup

pliage cup

When using your menstrual cup for the first time

2 possible ways to Sterilize your menstrual cup :

With your Misscup sterilizer :
we guarantee a fast sterelization in the microwave (1 minute) Refer to the instructions for use.

See below how to maintain your menstrual cup

Standard sterilization technique:
• Carefully wash your hands
• Fill up a pot with water, so that your menstrual cup may float.
• Boil the water
• Put your menstrual cup in the water
• After 3 to 5 minutes, take your menstrual cup out of the pot
• Wait until cooled down to use it.

During your period

Place in your menstrual cup

• Carefully wash your hands
• Pinch and fold your menstrual cup Misscup in order to put it in correctly.
You can fold your menstrual cup in two different 2 ways:

plier coupelle menstruelle

2 folding techniques

Technique 1 :

Fold the cup in half through the center.

pliage coupe menstruelle

Technique 2 :

Roll the cup around its central axis.

pliage coupe menstruelle

Inserting your Misscup

Open the labia, insert the menstrual cup while keeping it folded.
Insert it as high as possible in the vagina, then remove your fingers to allow the menstrual cup to unfold.

pliage et insertion cup menstruelle

To verify your menstrual cup is well positioned, slightly pull the stack. If the cup does not move, it is properly placed.DOtherwise, use your fingers to reposition it correctly.

Find advice on insertion techniques at our partner’s website: Easy Cup 

plier sa coupe menstruelle

Empty/clean your menstrual cup:

• To remove your menstrual cup, carefully pull the stack to retrieve the cup with your hand.
• Empty and carefully rinse your menstrual cup with cold drinkable water.
• Clean your menstrual cup with lukewarm water, make sure not to forget the little holes. Ideally use gentle, perfume-free soap.

nettoyer sa coupe menstruelle


• Carefully clean your menstrual cup
• Sterilize it
• Store it in the little pouch.
Do not store your menstrual cup in a plastic bag or sealed box.

Good to know

Feeling discomfort from the stack?
After several uses, you can notice the stack of your Misscup menstrual cup is too long.
Worry not:
you can cut it. To adapt it to your anatomy, gradually cut the stack (following the graduation lines) with clean scissors.

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