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This pack includes a menstrual cup (color and size of your choice) + a sterilizer/storage box!

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With zero phthalate, peroxide, bisphenol A, latex or fragrance, Misscup is the only menstrual cup 100% made in France. Being manufactured under medical conditions enables a real traceability, from base material to packaging. The entire manufacturing process takes place in France.

Platinum medical grade silicone is a material used to make medical tools and prostheses. It does not change the pH of the vagina nor does it harm its flora.

Choose your menstrual cup with sterilizer:

Large size Misscup menstrual cup offers you optimal intimate protection and comfort. The large size menstrual cup is recommended for women with heavy blood flow or for women with light/medium blood flow who have long days. The large volume of this cup enables protection for long days.

Dimensions : diameter: 46 mm, height (excluding stack): 54 mm, total capacity: 35 ml, useful capacity: 30 ml, stack length: 16 mm.


The small size Misscup menstrual cup is recommended for teenage girls, even virgin women, or women with light blood flow.
Dimensions: diameter: 41 mm, height (excluding stack): 47 mm, total capacity: 25 ml, useful capacity: 22 ml, stack length: 22 mm.

Made in France, Misscup sterilizer coupe menstruelle adapts to every brand of menstrual cups.
You can use it to store your cup, as well as for sterilization. A must-have!